Special thanks

Little in this world is done alone. The best things come from mixing two or more perspectives, multiple feelings, multiple truths. Therefore, my thanks to you, who for some reason joined me on my way, and contributed to what we have created together. To you, thank you very much.

Interviewed: Hermina Farias da Cruz, João Adilson Lagoa Tavares, Anatólio Batista da Redenção Filho, Francisco Alves da Silva e Sílvio Romão.

Art direction: Mano Pimentel

Spatial spacial : Maestro Billy

Motion design: Romulo Nobre Carvalho

Photography post-production: Adriano Casanova

Dear "Jóia Rara" crew and my travel partners

Bruno Borges Becker, Claudia Franc. Danielli Serra, Eduarda Braz, Francirley Silva, Gabriela Kurt, Iara Gonçalves, Jordana Tochetto Lizot,

Juliana Cadore, Luis Marcelo Casoni, Maria Silva, Márcia Pawlusyk, Ney Gonçalves Jr., Ricardo Luiz Neto, Roseli Espíndola dos Santos, Silvio


To friends and family who helped me at my exhibition at "O Sítio – Art and Technology”in Florianópolis

"O Sítio” curators: Luiz Sebastião Rosa and João Aires

Scenography: Esther Helena Goldfeder Krieck (Dear and talented mother)

Technical production: Felipe D’ávila Mesquita, Bruno Castilho, Sérgio Reis, Ighor Duarte, Paulo José

Exhibition photography and video:  Adriano Casanova and Eduardo Cavalcanti

Food and drinks arrangements: Adriana Carneiro

To Luciano Mota and his gallery, luka.art.br, for the photo exhibition at the gallery and at Casa Cor – RS.

My utmost respect and admiration to everyone in "Projeto Resgate" (Florianópolis) and "Instituto Amor" (Manaus) for the exquisite, and serious work you do. Everyday you inspire, vitalize and fill with love the lives of everyone involved in your initiatives, thank you very much.

Finally, but to the exponential opposite of being less important, my loving and special thanks to my father, my mother, my sisters, and our entire family. If there's something that makes my heart smile every day is the feeling I'm sure connects us all, I love you.

Ayún to you all_

Projeto Resgate, talk to Bruno Becker:

Instituto Amor, talk to Luis Marcelo Casoni